The Centre for Empowering Practice is conducting research into the personalisation agenda; assessing potential impact and change that could be caused, hopes, fears and expectations felt by the voluntary sector.

In January 2010 Social Enterprise East Of England Ltd ( commissioned Tony Brown and Ben Higham to produce the following research. The Transformation of Adult Social Care is a prominent and early expression of a wider commitment to the radical reform of the public service agenda. At the heart of this is the commitment to give individuals the control over their own destiny -

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In 2009 Norfolk Specialist Partnership carried out a research project: Getting Personal - Getting Real: The initial impact of the personalisation agenda in Norfolk and the way forward. The research engaged with service users, health, housing and social care managers and practitioners to gain a unique insight into current views on personalisation and developed models for the transformation of services.

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Tenancy Course Mapping - Norfolk

The Centre for Empowering practice is working with Norwich City Council, Wherry Housing Association and Supporting People to map what tenancy training is currently being delivered for service users throughout Norfolk. We are trying to get a picture of what is being delivered by which organisations and if there are any gaps.
The aim of the courses would be to work with service users to give information, develop skills, and improve contingency planning to maintain tenancies to reduce the likelihood of evictions in the future. The idea of the mapping exercise is to ensure that any developments are not done in isolation to avoid duplication and to work with organisations in partnerships for future developments for sustainability of delivery.
We would be grateful if you could provide information on the three core areas that we have identified. Thinking about the future we envisage that courses should prepare for tenancies with the local authority, housing associations and the private sector.

The Transformation of Adult Social Care

Exploring the opportunity for Social Enterprises - A market scanning exercise undertaken for SEEE by Tony Brown and Ben Higham

Getting Personal - Getting Real

The initial impact of the Personalisation Agenda in Norfolk and the way forward.