Frequently Asked Questions

Personalisation is a term most closely linked with adult social care and the idea of greater flexibility and choice in terms of accessing support through the use of “Personal Budgets”, “Individual Budgets”, and “Direct Payments” which are established through a “Resource Allocation System”.

However, we at the Centre for Empowering Practice, believe that Personalisation of services should not be limited to particular service delivery areas, age groups or financial models but instead should be incorporated into all service delivery; we feel that this can be done through ensuring that the services being provided are focussed on being “person-centred”; recognising each individual and their own particular need and engaging them in the design and delivery of their services.

This means that we consider there to be different applications of the meaning of Personalisation depending on the services that are being provided and that it is therefore necessary to distinguish between the financial implications/models of Personalisation and the cultural shift from the prescriptive delivery of services to those based on meeting individuals needs – becoming “Person-centred”.

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