Products and Services

The Centre for Empowering Practice provides a range of services which support the ethos of informing choice and supporting independence.

The Centre strengthens the position of frontline agencies within the emerging policy environment by promoting and enabling responsive quality services which will help to ensure the sustainability of not for profit frontline provision. It supports and meets the needs of frontline staff who will be moving into a more person centred reflective practice and helps them to maximise the opportunities available to enable individuals to fully achieve the life they wish to live.

The Centre is also able to support organisations to understand what personalisation looks like and how it impacts on the wider community and what skills are needed to fully interact, engage and co-produce with service users.

Activities include :-

Techniques for person centred practice

Critical Friend - person centred services

Consultancy and bespoke packages for organisations - evidencing positive outcomes, quality assessment framework, service review.

Staffing a person centred service - organisational, cultural perspective

What does a sustainable person centred business look like?

Reaching the potential users of your service

What is personalisation,engagement and participation with service users

Risk management and inclusivity

Service user engagement design training

Support planning

Managing positive identities - coneptualisation of how people are badged and labelled and individuals reltionship with their own labels


Personalisation and social impact