Case Studies

The Centre for Empowering Practice is assessing the potential impact of the personalisation agenda. The organisational impact of personalisation will be seen through how organisations align themselves to deliver their services to meet the needs of the individuals.

These case studies are the views and experiences of the organisations featured and are produced here verbatim.
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Embrace - Service Analysis Report
Understanding, delivery and embedding of Personalisation & Person-Centred Practice

This report focuses on identifying and highlighting good practice and the level of understanding currently in operation within Embrace in relation to Personalisation and Person-Centred Practices. The report also contains the results of questionnaire based interviews which were carried out with the Service-users of Embrace.

Family Action Project
The information in this interview is taken from staff at the Family Action Project in Swaffham talking about the basis of the support they provide, their interpretation and application of person centred practices, assessment forms and the Common Assessment Framework and outcomes models and producing evidence.

The Hamlet Centre
An interview with the Hamlet Centre about the services being delivered to children and young people. The services discussed are the Toy Library, Early Year Opportunities Group, Holiday and Short Breaks Play Schemes and the Summer Transition Scheme.

Future Project
This is taken from interviews with staff at Future Projects talking about the project's conception, the reason it was set up and the services that are offered - Future Education, person centred practices and thoughts on the Common Assessment Framework.

This study contains MOVEON East service user feedback. The study details the feedback service users gave and overall findings.

Anglia Care Trust
Anglia Care Trust Report on Person-Centred Practice and Personalisation: This report was compiled by Centre for Empowering Practice on behalf of Anglia Care Trust following interviews with their staff, questionnaires being sent to their volunteers and meetings with their service-users. Anglia Care Trust agreed from the very beginning of this project that the report would be made available to other organisations so that they may benefit from the process, good practice identified and other topics raised; they have been fully participatory in every aspect of this report providing open and honest answers and listening to potential challenges that have been raised by this project in a solution focussed manner. The process of developing this report was felt to be very beneficial and enabled an amount of organisational reflection to occur. It also was a very rewarding and hugely beneficial process for Centre for Empowering Practice and has enhanced our own practice and delivery processes.

Youth Inclusion and Supprt Panels (YISP)
This profile covers what the YISP service is, the roles of the staff members interviewed, the referral and intervention process, Common Assessment Framework, understanding of person centred practice within YISP service and recording outcomes and evidencing the work of YISP.